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Keep your Horticulture Hobby Sustainable with Kingdom Plantae

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Land Degradation

⅓ of the land on our Earth’s land areas are degraded, that’s twice the size of the United States. This is being done for agriculture, from the rise of monocultures, and because of the massive use of chemical fertilizers to sustain production expectations.

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Agriculture Production

Agriculture production accounts for 52% of the US land base. Plant farming practices look very similar to industrial farming- seeds grow under strictly regulated light, temp, and humidity conditions, lots of water for irrigation, and a lot of land is needed that could otherwise be used as forests.

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CO2 Annual Storage

Covering only 3% of our Earth’s surface, peatlands store 550 billion tonnes of CO2 annually. Today these ecosystems are under threat from fires, rising temperatures, and harvesting for plant compost.

Our Sustainability Promise

We know that the solution to our climate crisis is right beneath our feet.  here’s why we care and what we’re doing about it.

How we manage our land and agriculture continues to destabilize our climate. You help build a more resilient future by supporting carbon farming and regenerative agriculture by purchasing our plants and soils.

Plants pull carbon from the air and turn it into carbs, then they funnel these simple sugars into the ground to feed organisms who use this carbon to build soil.

So…more carbon in the ground means healthier soils that can hold more water and more resilience in the face of drought.

Our Soils

Healthy soil is living soil, filled with the necessary organisms, minerals, and moisture, that plants need to thrive.  At Kingdom Plantae, our soils are made to mimic the earth’s soil, is peat-free, synthetic-free, and custom-made using local ingredients designed for the optimal health of each plant.


We source all of our plants, soil, and pots within 300 miles of our headquarters. 

Join us for our monthly plant swap parties, bring any unwanted plants, cuttings, and seedlings you want to exchange and go home with a new plant baby! 

We’re proud to be a 100% pesticide, herbicide, and fungicide-free plant shop. 

We recycle all of our irrigation water to reduce our water consumption. 


We sell all our plants in compostable plant-based nursery pots. Our New Mexico Clay artisan pots are made from sustainably sourced and natural materials from the hands of local artisans. All proceeds from the sale of these pots goes to funding these artisan’s school teaching under-resourced children how to make pottery.