Kingdom Plantae


We help homes and gardens bloom with sustainably sourced plants, soils, and plant products.

We’re passionate about restoring our Kingdom Plantae by helping you bring life to your home and gardens with plants that keep the planet and people in mind.

Kingdom Plantae was born out of a concern for the lack of truly sustainable and pesticide, fungicide, and herbicide-free plant shops and nurseries available across the US.

The plant nurseries today are selling plants dependent on chemicals to grow as big as possible.

To avoid these harsh chemicals, we created our very own live soil mixed with compost to mimic the soil in the ground as much as possible.

We don’t use any pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides on any of our plants, and we take pride in leaning into nature

We grow plants that grow and thrive in your native conditions.

We partner with brands that are ethically made and locally sourced, and we donate 1% of all of our sales to local 1% for the Planet non-profit organizations.